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SDG on the podiums at the Mont Ste Anne World Cup

August 04, 2014

The World Cup returned to the legendary Mont Ste Anne, Quebec downhill track this weekend and as usual, excitement levels were high. Troy Brosnan (AUS) lead the charge for SDG athletes winding back up on the podium in 4th place.  The young Australian was only 1.9 seconds off the pace, a time set by his long time mentor, Sam Hill.

Brosnan will retain the series lead and the coveted #1 plate with 2 rounds remaining in the series.

The track crews here at Mont Ste Anne did an amazing job preparing the track for race weekend, and every single racer here had only good things to say. A perfect combination of rough technical sections and high speed grass section, the track was taped wide from top to bottom, allowing for a variety of line choices on the way down. It provided for the most exciting racing we have seen thus far this season, with times going to the thousandths in some cases, especially during split timing. Monsoon style rains on Friday night didn't do much to affect the track, and only helped to keep the dust down going into Saturday's race.

"My run was really smooth, the track had dried out and was rolling so fast! Apart from a couple of mistakes, I'm happy with 4th and keeping the overall lead and I couldn't be happier for Sam to take the win!"

Samuel Blenkinsop of New Zealand rounded out the men's podium for 5th place, with 7 out of the top 20 Elite's running SDG saddles and/or posts. 

For the ladies, it was Emmeline Ragot in 3rd place representing SDG.

Early favorite, SDG's Steve Smith, went home early this week with an injured ankle. The Canadian Chainsaw Massacre is hoping to make a return in time for the World Championships in Hafjell, Norway in September.