Tellis V2 product registration

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55mm – 230mm

Widest Range of Travel
Options Available

30.9mm, 31.6mm, 34.9mm

Available widths


The Tellis V2 represents the pinnacle of durability. With a new 26mm Stanchion and IGUS bushing, it ensures a stronger post which leads to smoother operation. Enhanced by a polycarbonate Keyway system with copper lowers for added strength, stiffness and reduced head play, our newest dropper also features a proven Wintek cartridge – the industry’s most reliable.

The Tellis V2 is engineered to endure the roughest trails and conditions. With a Trelleborg Main Seal and three additional internal seals, it offers unparalleled protection against elements. Tested rigorously to withstand temperatures as low as -5°F, the Tellis V2 is a testament to its unmatched durability and reliability.


The Tellis V2 incorporates an elegant new design for durability and convenience. It incorporates features like easy side access bolts, adaptable Travel reduction shims (in 5mm, 10mm, or 20mm sizes), and a straightforward service procedure that requires no proprietary tools. This ensures simple operation and hassle-free maintenance, catering to the needs of riders seeking simplicity and efficiency.


The innovative new design has elevated the Tellis V2 to the next level. With a patent-pending low stack-height head and a lower profile actuator, it offers unparalleled fitment as well as performance. With the widest range of travel options available, ranging from 55mm to 230mm, the Tellis V2 ensures adaptability and versatility for the widest range of riders.