Bruni and Greenland win World Championships!

September 08, 2015

SDG's Loic Bruni (FRA) took home his first professional victory on the biggest stage possible, winning the 2015 UCI DH MTB World Championships in Andorra this past weekend.  Laurie Greenland continued his domination of the junior ranks by winning the rainbows in his respective category.

The track in Andorra is known among racers to be one of the steepest, roughest and most challenging ones on the entire professional circuit. With 2 days of torrential rain and hail it went from difficult, to near impossible when the clay filled dirt turned almost instantly to grease early on in the week.

As the sun came out on Saturday, the track started to dry and got just past the consistency of peanut butter by the time racing began Sunday morning. With gigantic braking holes and massive ruts forming from the soft conditions earlier in the week, race day was filled with surprises as many of the favorites fell victim to the surprises the track had to offer and went down.

Bruni, the local crowd hero, went fist pumping his way across the podium while tears welled in his eyes and the partisan french crowd chanted "Bruni."  “ I honestly felt like it was really hard. Yesterday I felt off and couldn’t understand it. Today I was a bit unmotivated but I found the strength in my head and had a really good run. I made a few mistakes in the beginning but at the the end I was pushing as hard as I could and I didn’t crash, it was really good!”

Greenland for his part, was smiling and jovial, as he has been most of the season and was savoring his first ever set of junior Rainbows.

The off season now begins in earnest and riders can take a moment to relax and reflect upon this past season and what a wild ride it has been.