Our very own Amanda Nauman named new Queen of the Kanza 200!

June 03, 2015

Words fromCX Magazine:

For some, a century of road riding isn’t enough, 100 miles on technical gravel is more their style. Then on the far extreme, you have the folks you participate in the Dirty Kanza 200, who have a penchant for suffering over a half day in the saddle.

In the 2014 race, local Kansas Native Brian Jensen and three-time winner Rebecca Rusch were able to tackle the dry course in about 11 and 12 hours, respectively, for the win.

This year was a game changer with the weather, however. The rain turned the 200 miles of the course into a slop-fest, and the already challenging features upped their difficulty.

Women’s Race saw some interesting developments. Although Rusch was the heavy favorite after her long stretch as the Queen of the Kanza, Amanda Nauman, a cyclocrosser that has already cemented her legacy in Southern California cyclocross, was able to soar to victory. Nauman beat the rest of the Woman’s Field by over twenty minutes, with second place Kristen Legan beating Rusch by over 15 minutes.


Pic from Eric Benjamin: